Even More Malware For The Mac!!!
Written by Peter A. Haigh   

Well, so much for those who consider Macs "malware proof"!!!

The hits just keep on coming!!!

The typical method that the bad guys are using these days is to take advantage of vulnerabilities in Java. And well, they're at it again.

According to a posting by the folks at Sophos, there is a brand spankin' new piece of malware that takes advantage of the weaker points in Java. It was first spotted on August 22nd and is now spreading like wildfire throughout the net. As of this writing, a patch has not been issued by Oracle (the owners of Java). It has been given the name "FireEye". Rather than me re-write the article, I would suggest that you go to this article, written by Chester Wisniewski of Sophos. It makes good reading! 

What's a person to do???

The world is becoming a much more dangerous place for Mac users.


  • ALWAYS stay current on your updates for your operating system and any applications (such as Office, Flash or Java) that you use.
  • If you have not done so already, I would HIGHLY recommend installing anti-malware software on your Macs. Just to make your life a little easier (because everyone likes "easier") you can find some excellent products from ESETSophosClamXAVKaspersky LabsMcAfee & Symantec on my Mac Links page. Personally, I use ESET. I find their product as well as their support, is simply excellent, which is why I recommend them highly!


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