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1 Team Viewer
Click the "Download Full Version - It's Free" link on the Team Viewer website to download Team Viewer. This software enables me to assist you with your computer service.
2 Apple Consultants Network
The Apple Consultants Network is a group of Apple credentialed consultants and technicians who are available to assist. Yes, I am a member of this group but if I'm outside your business area, this site can help you locate an ACN member in your area!
3 Apple Inc.
Apple's corporate website. Locate consultants, buy stuff & download free stuff too!
4 The Omni Group Software
The Omni Group (located in Seattle) produce some AWESOME software for flowcharting, project management and a range of other activities. I use their Omnigraffle (flowcharting) product and absolutely LOVE it!!! It's Visio compatible also! Check 'em out!!!
ESET is a highly respected company which consistently has high marks for their ability to detect and eradicate malware in both the Windows and Apple arenas. It is a subscription-based service. Personally, this is what I use.
6 Sophos
Sophos is also a very highly respected company as well. They supply anti-malware software to the corporate sector but they have a crackerjack Mac product that is free! Gotta like that action!
7 Sophos anti-malware
In their own words, "Free antivirus that works simply and beautifully. Now supporting Mac OS X 10.7 Lion."
8 ClamXAV
ClamXAV is the Mac version of the famous ClamAV product. It is free and they probably wouldn't complain if you tossed them a donation or two! 
9 Kaspersky Labs
Kaspersky Labs supplies a very good anti-malware application for both Windows and Mac platforms. It is a subscription-based service.
10 McAfee
McAfee is well-known in the anti-malware world. They supply products for both Windows and Apple platforms. They too are subscription-based.
11 Symantec (Norton)
Norton is another well-known supplier of anti-malware software for your computer. They are also subscription-based.