About me...
Written by Peter A. Haigh   

My IT career started in 1981 when as a telecom guy, I asked a co-worker "Why would anyone want a computer at home?" Really!  Little did I know how ridiculous this would sound 30 years later!   By 2005 I was the owner of 13 Windows computers and 2 Macs. Fast-forward to 2012 and those numbers have changed to 5 Macs, 3 Linux servers, a plethora of handheld devices and not a single Windows computer (although I do have the capabilities of running Windows on my Mac).  Yes, my power bill has changed dramatically and in a good direction, although my office is still about 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house.

Since 1981 I have played a role in the development of multi-million dollar software projects, application development, hardware, software and virtually everything to do with computer systems. I have worked with Windows systems, Macs, Linux, UNIX and a variety of other systems but what really makes me smile is working with the Mac and the people who use it. Mac users are a special breed; they LOVE their computers and I really enjoy making their Macs work for them! 

I bring over 40 years of technical knowledge to the table, not only in computing but also in telecommunications and electronics in general. What this broad experience provides my customers is a very well-rounded set of talents with which to develop solutions to their problems. Heavens, I have even been known to program Logitech Harmony remote controls!

Today I reside with my wonderful wife Lawna, in Everett, Washington, supplying on-site computer services to the residential and SOHO (small office / home office) markets, specializing in Macs but working on Windows as well.

If I can help, please never hesitate to call.


Peter A. Haigh, Inc. 23316 NE Redmond-Fall City Road, PMB 491, Redmond, WA, USA 98053 Tel: +1-425-770-4767