Computer Consulting services
Written by Peter A. Haigh   

Once upon a time a business owner could run every aspect of their business, being highly successful and having a very profitable business. My parents were like that. Customer service was king, having a great line of products was essential and high-technology was a hand-crank adding machine. My folks never needed a consultant and their businesses thrived!

Things have changed....

Today, customer service is still king; I don't care what business you're in. If it isn't king in your business, you're in big, big trouble! Products in your business probably change weekly and technology changes almost daily. It's your business to stay up to date with your products but what's different is that the average customer cannot possibly keep up with the constantly-changing role of technology. If my folks were still alive and in business, they would not have a clue about any modern technologies. This is where a consultant is an important business partner.

The role of a consultant is to provide their customer with the best possible advice on products and services that enable them to conduct their life or business in a more effective and efficient manner, leaving the client to run their business. Since no two customers are the same, as you might suspect, most of the time there is not a "standard" answer for your problem.

Should we run Macs or Windows? Do we need a point of sale system? I need a presence on the internet but I don't know what to do! Should I outsource my email or keep it internal? How do I integrate Macs into my existing Windows environment?

These are all good questions and this is what consultants do. Give me a ring and we can talk about your requirements and come up with some sound recommendations. 

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